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November, 2008:

I have been knitting, honest! Oh, and new edition of KnitCast on way :)

I've not done a great deal of knitting this year at all really. A lot of things went on hold while I was packing and moving house, plus for a while I couldn't actually find anything! Actually, I still have trouble finding things. The craft room is full of boxes.

I went to Stitch & Bitch on Thursday and while I found a project in progress to work on – Top down raglan by Cosmicpluto Knits! in Blackforest Naturwolle #73 Magma with a seed stitch border – I was very nearly out of yarn. I found another skein but couldn't find my umbrella swift. I did find my ball winder but not the clamp that fixes it to a table edge so I had to wind a ball with a skein around a back of a chair while balancing the ball winder on my knee. As you can imagine, it wasn't that successful and I had to stop and rewind the ball halfway through. The ball isn't the tidiest wound but it's ok.

I got a bit bored knitting though. It's something that often happens while knitting something top down. I love the practice – and 95% of my garments are knit this way – but I do get bored halfway through. Jeni finished her February Lady Sweater, also a top down raglan, a few days earlier, and I fell in love in with it when I saw it. I'm now desperate to knit one. Maybe I can force myself to knit some of the seed stitch one in reward for knitting some of the FLS? I think that may be an old ChicKnits trick.

Before I forget, there's a new KnitCast on the way. It's all done, I just need to upload it which will involve plenty of swearing since me and RSS don't get on. But it'll happen sometime over the weekend.

Oh, I'm also on Ravelry as KnitCast and am addicted already!