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March, 2004:


I took it easy over the weekend hoping to speed my recovery from the lurgy. I didn’t want a repeat of how I’d felt earlier in the year. So I still have my cough and am a bit sniffly but am otherwise ok. Much thanks to Hetty, Shobhana and Jeni for the well wishes

Of course taking the weekend off has meant that I’m now behind in emails, housework even tv watching! I did get some knitting done – am ready to do sleeve decreases on the top down raglan that seems to be taking forever, and have started a sock in the Mountain Colours Bearfoot that Theresa sent me.

Looks like Spring is actually here as the weather is warming up. So my hat wearing days are numbered. A shame because I love my hats. I will try going hatless tomorrow, will have to switch to jackets soon as well. Which may mean having to make one. I’ve been putting it off for about three years mostly because everytime I attempt to sew a jacket I seem to make a mess of it.

I have some black corduroy somewhere so may use that. Will have to hunt through the patterns for a simple style that’s easy to sew and that won’t look like a sack when worn!

If I owe you an email I’m sorry, I will catch up with you soon.


Yesterday I felt really ill and run down and thought I might have a throat infection so I took a sick day. This morning I felt better, my throat wasn’t troubling me although I had the beginnings of a chesty cough. Since I’ve come home, however, I’ve developed a full flung head cold and feel really crappy.

At least tomorrow is Friday.

Knitting Technique

I’ve had another busy week. As well as starting a four week work placement working on web pages for my station, I’ve also finally got our MP3 player working. We bought it back in October but just hadn’t got around to using it.

I’ve had a Handspring Visor Delux for over three years but on Sunday I finally got one of the Handspring organiser/phones. It’s the Treo 600 and I’m so in love with it! It’s wonderful! In Europe it’s only available in graphite but it’s still cool.

It also has a camera but I didn’t think I’d use it. However, it takes surprisingly good pictures out doors.

Here’s some pix that I took on my way home from work yesterday



And from today the cat who lives in our local healthfood store


The poster in the window with the dancer is advertising Hannah’s festival which is on this weekend. While surfing on Sunday I found a blog that is completely maintained on a Treo.

On Monday Jeni came around for a fibre evening. We had a great time looking at patterns and chatting. Jeni showed me her yarn order and I showed her this


It’s the contents of an amazing parcel from the wonderful Theresa! It contains Lorna’s Laces Angel, Twinkletoes in Las Vegas Brights, some soft gorgeous Mountain Colours Barefoot, Crystal Palace Splash, Squiggle and Chenille, a scarfy yarn called Kitty and some Lamb’s Pride Worsted in black. Thanks Theresa! I’m going to have a lot of fun with these!

Catching Up!

Every so often you’ll read that bloggers are “all blogged out” and can’t think of anything to post or just want a break from it. I don’t which is worse not being able to think of something to post or having so much to say that you fear a hideously large post. I’ve become so behind in blogging that… well I’m just going to start writing and see how far I get! 🙂

We’ll start off with the much promised pictures of Tiny, the toy Corgi.



I bought him in kit form as one of Andy’s Xmas presents. The assembly of Tiny was another present! 🙂 some of you may remember that his finished head languished on my ironing board for a while! 🙂 Now that he’s finished he sits on Andy’s chair in the dressing room of our house. we have an old Victorian house and the bathroom leads off a room called the dressing room, well at least that’s what the estate agent called it! 🙂 And so it’s stuck.

I’ve been busy with my Noro Silk Garden shade 87 top-down raglan from Stefanie’s excellent pattern.


As with many of the pictures here today, the colours in the raglan are slightly different than in real life. They’re slightly more muted in person although I’d love it if they were as dark as in the picture. The picture is a couple of days old and I now think I’m coming towards the end of the body. Begfore I do that I may start a sleeve so that I can see just how long a sleeve I can get out of one ball. Just want to be sure that I don’t use up all of my yarn on the body.

And what’s that twinkle in the picture?

Why, it’s a wonderful stitch marker from the delightful Emma! It was from quite an unexpected present of stitch markers that arrived just before we were to leave for London. I had sent Emma some odds and ends of sock yarn that I wasn’t sure if she’d like or not but thought might possibly be of use for her son Oliver. The stitch markers came in quite useful as I had been using a favorite earring as an impromptu marker on the raglan. Here’s a slightly better pic of them although their lovely silver cores don’t show up.


I’m also still working on the Koigu Broadstreet Mittens although they’ve been on hold for a few weeks. I’m not sure how I feel about picking up stitches from the glove to make the mitten part. I just have to have a go at it really but keep putting it off. The colours aren’t true in this picture, they’re not as bright.


We did have a great time in London last weekend although I didn’t manage to make it to the Rowanettes meeting. 🙁 I’d been up late packing and after walking around the city for a couple of hours felt a bit ill and faint. So we decided to go to my aunt’s place early.

I did manage to fit in a visit to John Lewis though where I bought some Noro Cash Iroha in a few different purple shades. I got 150g of two colours and 100g of another colour and am going to make another top-down raglan. I hope that 800g will be enough. I do have 100g of one of the Cash Iroha shades in a different dye lot in my stash already so could use that if need be.

Kathleen asked in the comments if I get to visit Charlie often. Not very often no, we’ve travelled down to Cornwall only about twice in eight years I’m afraid. We tend to see Charlie in Cardiff, she’s visiting a lot now that her husband Andy is studying medicine here. No idea what The Lizard is Kathleen.

Beads weren’t forgotten on this visit either and I went to both The London Bead Shop in Covent Garden and The London Bead Co in Kentish Town over the weekend. I also bought some Japanese bead books from the latter and some large jump rings to make stitch markers from the former. As well as plenty of beads of course!

I made earrings from a couple of beads from The London Bead Shop this week. They haven’t photographed amazingly well though



This weekend marked the sixth Cardiff Stitch & Bitch! We had two lovely new members this week, Jessica, who doesn’t knit but seems to be thinking of trying it, and Jeni who has just started a knitting blog. Go and check it out to see a sock that she made from yarn she spun and dyed herself! We also met Anthony, Jeni’s boyfriend who also knits socks! Jeni and I are planning a visit to Collinette in a couple of months time.

Hannah and Heather were also there and we had a really good time. Heather said that one side of the table was the stitching and one side was the bitching! I think it was one of the best meetings we’ve had.

On the 27th and 27th of March a bellydancing festival is happening in Cardiff! It’s been organised by Hannah, and looks like it will be a fantastic event with music, dancing and workshops. You can find out more and book tickets here.

The Return

We had a great weekend in London but came back to reality with a bump – Andy ate a pie this lunchtime that didn’t agree with him and has been very ill this evening. 🙁 I’m hoping that he’s over the worst of it now.

Knitting wise I’ve finished the increases on the top-down raglan and have separated the sleeve stitches onto scrap yarn while I finish knitting the body of the sweater.

Now off to get Andy a drink and then go to sleep.

Off to London!

This will be short since, as usual, I’ve left everything to the very last minute! I do have a good excuse though. My lovely friend Charlie was in town for a few days to see her hubbie, equally lovely, Andy. Andy is studying medicine in Cardiff and Charlie lives in their home in Cornwall so they don’t get to see each other very often. We also don’t get to see them often so we had them over for a meal.

It was great to see them, they’re just really wonderful people and I’m not just saying that because they might read this!

Anyway, I have to finish off a gift scarf for my aunt, with whom we’ll be staying, and sort out what I’m going to pack for the weekend.

I’m hoping to meet up with the Rowanettes at Liberty tomorrow night and will be taking my top down raglan to work on. I’m not quite at the point that I can start working just on the body but am almost there. I just hope that I don’t accidentally knit too much on the train and then have to rip out rows. We’ll see.

Sorry there still aren’t any pix but the Noro Silk Garden 37 is looking wonderful. I do think that this is the most fab thing I’ve knit so far. I think I’m going to love wearing it!

Oscars and Saints

Well I’m just about to go to bed. Stayed up all night watching The Oscars. Managed to do a little work on my top down raglan although it was a struggle to try and knit and stay awake.

My thoughts on The Oscars are over at The Film Review Blog.

Oh and it’s Saint David’s Day today! The patron saint of Wales! In New York the Empire State Building has been lit up in the Welsh colours!