Knitting Technique

I’ve had another busy week. As well as starting a four week work placement working on web pages for my station, I’ve also finally got our MP3 player working. We bought it back in October but just hadn’t got around to using it.

I’ve had a Handspring Visor Delux for over three years but on Sunday I finally got one of the Handspring organiser/phones. It’s the Treo 600 and I’m so in love with it! It’s wonderful! In Europe it’s only available in graphite but it’s still cool.

It also has a camera but I didn’t think I’d use it. However, it takes surprisingly good pictures out doors.

Here’s some pix that I took on my way home from work yesterday



And from today the cat who lives in our local healthfood store


The poster in the window with the dancer is advertising Hannah’s festival which is on this weekend. While surfing on Sunday I found a blog that is completely maintained on a Treo.

On Monday Jeni came around for a fibre evening. We had a great time looking at patterns and chatting. Jeni showed me her yarn order and I showed her this


It’s the contents of an amazing parcel from the wonderful Theresa! It contains Lorna’s Laces Angel, Twinkletoes in Las Vegas Brights, some soft gorgeous Mountain Colours Barefoot, Crystal Palace Splash, Squiggle and Chenille, a scarfy yarn called Kitty and some Lamb’s Pride Worsted in black. Thanks Theresa! I’m going to have a lot of fun with these!

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