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February, 2010:

It’s done…

I just closed my Typepad account. It was really weird. I’d been with them since 2004 so it’s a bit of an end of era. I knew I had to do it simply because I couldn’t afford them anymore and it was silly having an account with them while I also had webspace and a domain name. Hence my move to self hosted WordPress blogs. I’ve been busy all week making sure that the links on my archives and images were up to date. It wasn’t too bad, well, aside from the sore neck I developed from concentrating!,  but it wasn’t seamless either.

One of my concerns about leaving Typepad was about my urls, particularly the address for KnitCast snce it appears that the typepad url had even been published in books. But TypePad really are good guys. Even when you close down a paid Pro account with them you get to keep one blog for free. And your old urls redirect to that free blog. So I’ve now got a “these blogs have moved” post that’ll stay up there longer than the 28th of this month when my paid account was going to lapse. That’s great as even if people go to the wrong address they’ll still be able to find their way to this blog and to Knitcast. And with the new KnitCast all edited and uploaded and just waiting to go live on Monday, it’s very important to me that people are able to find it.

Oh, I’m still trying to find a WordPress theme that I like for the KnitCast site. Any suggestions would be welcomed. I tend to like fairly simple and clear themes.

New KnitCast plus tidying and updating

Earlier today I recorded the first new KnitCast for nearly three years. It’ll go live next week and just needs a little editing. I’m quite excited about it đŸ™‚ Had a few technical hitches but my interviewee was delightful and didn’t seem to mind too much. For recording I’m using Pamela which records Skype conversations. I have the Pro version on free trial and think I’ll be investing in it as although it’s not the most perfect solution for me, it is pretty good.

Meanwhile my typepad account expires on the 28th so I’m rather hastily fixing links in my new WordPress blogs. Am concentrating on the new KnitCast blog at the moment since that has fewer posts. I still have to create a new Knit One, Build One gallery though. Think that’ll happen tomorrow evening with the updating of links and images on this blog happening slowly through the week. It’s a lot of work but it won’t be so bad once it’s done.

And after that’s all sorted it’ll be time to turn my attentions back to the garden – vegetable growing and sorting out the wall Doug knocked down for me. Very busy!

Eight Years of SpaceCraft

Never have I been so grateful for drafts! I wrote this post last week while I had the idea in my head. And, today while I lay here recovering from a pretty nasty bout of gastroenteritis, although I’m not sure that there’s a good kind of it!, I’m very glad that all I have to do is click “publish”.

I started this blog eight years ago which now seems incredible to me. I’d had a domain name since 2000 but had never really been able to work out what to do with it. I’d had idle thoughts about having some kind of online science fiction magazine on it and sort of did that for a while. Then the site became dormant. I had thought about  having a blog but wasn’t too sure what I wanted to write about. And then I discovered knitting blogs.

Back in 2002 there were very few knitting blogs. So few in fact that it was possible to read them all in an evening. I was on the Knitting Bloggers webring, and indeed still am, and became friendly with my blogring neighbour Theresa who was in Chicago.

It is really strange going back and reading my archives. I’ve felt a variety of emotions while going back – nostalgia, embarrassment since my writing style has changed over the years. Some things like reading about sock yarn that my late friend Anne gave me and realising that I still haven’t knit it are painful. And some things are a bit weird since I’ve had some major life changes since I began blogging. One of the hardest entries I ever had to write was where I explained about the end of my relationship with Andy. It was difficult because I tended to keep personal stuff out of the blog but people had been asking where I’d gone so I felt I had to explain my disappearance.

And something else – I still have most of the yarn stash I’ve blogged about acquiring. I still have lots of it…

One of the things that I’ve really enjoyed about reading the archives is hearing about some of my past cats. It was so funny seeing this picture of Clyde again.

He looks so indignant wearing that scarf.

Now I guess you might be wondering where some of the older archives are so that you can laugh at my earlier, dorkier stuff. The 2002-2004 ones are currently here but they look dreadful and are sans pictures. The others are over on the left in the sidebar. The blog has lived on a few servers since I began it and I’ve used three different blog platforms – Blogger, Typepad and now WordPress. I’ve been able to export the Typepad entries and comments into WordPress but the email address I used  for the Blogger one is now defunct so I can’t import those entries. Also since I moved servers my old Blogger archives haven’t been behaving very well. All the comments are lost too since Enertation doesn’t appear to exist anymore. Seems weird, doesn’t it, the idea of blog software not having comments already built in but that’s what it was like in 2002. So the archives up until 2004 are quite simplistic at the moment.

My posting has been sporadic over the last few years but I’ve been trying to blog more recently. A lot of that is down to Doug who’s encouraged me to reconnect with it more. I do write many entries in my head. There are also drafts that don’t make the cut. Sometimes I wonder who’s actually reading this but it doesn’t matter. My main reason for writing is for me. Actually when I think of blogging, I think of this from Staceyjoy Elkin’s Red Lipstick Blog-

“Spill Guts Here. It’s gotta go somewhere, know what I mean? Can you stand it?”

And I think that’s what blogging is at its heart. It’s a place to dump, a place to record, a place to remember.

Moving Webhosts

I’m moving this site to another server. Oh joy! Hopefully it’ll be a painless process but if things stop working you’ll know why.