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Evil Tooth

I’m not a big fan of dentists and really hate having to see them. So you can imagine how I felt when I had tooth ache on Sunday. It was a dull ache in my jaw and lukewarm tea caused a sharp pain that radiated towards my right eye

I hoped that it would pass and, since the pain wasn’t constant, decided to try ignoring it. However, Monday came along and the pain returned. By this morning it was worse and I knew I had to make the call. So at 3.40pm I’m trying to stop thinking about Marathon Man as the dentist drills away. I now have a temporary filling with a clove oil dressing inside it. Apparently I’ll be tasting the clove oil for the next couple of days. Great…

I need root fillings which sound horrible as they’ll take about three visits. The dentist says "I assume that you want to save the tooth?" The tooth is probably 95% filling anyway and has been since I was 19. So I’m thinking of just having it removed since it’s a back molar. At the moment it’s still very painful so it looks as though I’ll have to go back tomorrow where they’ll either start doing the filling or remove the tooth depending on my decision.

Of course a trip to the dentist involves spending some time in a waiting room so I knit on the cuff on the  second fingerless glove. Unfortunately I can’t have been concentrating enough because I’d somehow managed to knit the purls and purl the knits on one row. It was two rows down so I had to get my crochet hook and do each stitch individually. I’m hoping to order more of the Soft and Shiny yarn, or Salsa as it’s now called. It’s so nice and knits up very well.

Jeni rang me earlier as she’d just received her copy of Stitch & Bitch Nation and we’re on page 422! (I must admit that I can’t actually remember which page she said we were on, but trust me, we are in it!) So if you buy the book you’ll find the little article about us that I wrote as well as a picture of Jeni, me and our friend Hannah that was taken by Andy in our kitchen.

It’s funny that Hannah ended up in the book as she’s now stopped coming to the S&B’s because "you do talk about wool a lot." She won’t mind me posting that because it’s true. We do talk about wool and yarn a lot at S&B! I’m really pleased at how the group has grown. Not everyone can make every meeting but it’s very cool to be able to sit with a group of knitting friends. Although we do get some strange looks sometimes from people. One guy pulled up a chair at the last meeting and asked if we found it "empowering" to knit together. I don’t think we do it for that reason. I think of it as being a bit like when musicians meet up to jam. It’s an exchange of ideas.

Secret Pal 3 – My wonderful Secret Pal sent me a parcel at the end of October which has never arrived. I often think about it and wonder where it is. Is it sat in a sorting office somewhere perhaps hidden away in a corner of a room feeling neglected. Or worse –  is some thief of a post-person enjoying it! Maybe it’s on that mysterious island with the bloke out of Party of Five, who knows. Now my SP3 could have just said "Well, sorry. It’s lost and that’s that" but she is very generously sending me a replacement parcel! Now she doesn’t have to do that, but because she’s a fabulous person, she is! Thank you again Secret Pal!


  1. Emma. says:

    I’ve ‘phoned our sorting office in the past and told them I was expecting a package – they found it under a bench !
    Try and concentrate on deep brething at the dentist’s.Hope your toothache is dealt with o.k.
    My idea of a good time = sitting with a group of knitters talking about wool,a lot. :0)

  2. Mariko says:

    Sorry to hear about your dental woes! Just don’t think about the Steve Martin character in Little Shop of Horrors …

  3. Your SP3 says:

    Hi Marie! I mailed your final SP3 package today (and made it extra large because of the last package going missing — I hope this one makes it to you!)
    I’ve put my real name on it because you should receive it just as the SP3 project ends. 🙂
    Sorry about the dentist!

  4. Rachael says:

    Poor tooth!
    And that guy asking about “empowerment” is killing me — I would have just giggled if he’d asked me that….