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Technological Meltdown!

That’s what’s been happening in my house since before went on holiday! A couple of weeks before San Francisco one of our VCRs chewed up a tape and stopped working. Then I came home from SF to find that the DVD player had stopped recognising discs. Friday, the tube in our widescreen TV went. And I won’t even mention the problems I had in getting my PC to recognise the ipod. Well ok, I mentioned it a bit! 🙂

Anyway, you get the picture. Since then we’ve bought a new DVD player and returned the other one (still under its one year guarantee thankfully.) And the TV (under a five year guarantee) was fixed today. All of this just underlines how comfortable and low tech knitting can be. Yes, knitting can get complicated but it’s not going to suddenly stop working. Not unless I stop working! 🙂

On the knitting front I’ve been pressing ahead with the Smittens. I’ve finished the first one and am knitting the half mitten shell on the second. Unfortunately, I picked up the sticthes for the shell stitches a little higher on the second mitten. I was thinking of frogging the other one or repicking up stitches but let’s face it, these are mittens after all.

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