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What A Great Day! I

What A Great Day! I had the most incredible day! I’m too exhausted to write in great detail but I met Mariko, the amazingly generous cancer-fighting Megan who drove us around, plus Rachel and Jennifer!

The day started off at 10am when Megan and Mariko picked us up from the hotel. We were dropped off downtown where Andy went shopping for cds and Mariko and I went to Britex Fabrics. I bought some yarn and we both bought very cute little pin cushions which look like handbags.

Next we went to Art Fibers! I love that yarn store! So I think you can guessthat I bought some yarn! We went to the Ferry Building for lunch and met up with Andy and Jennifer. Jennifer introduced us to a great olive oil store and Mariko helped us buy chocolate! That’s always good!

Megan picked us up and we drove out across the Golden Gate Bridge to Dharma Trading in San Rafael where we met up with Rachel. I bought more yarn including some Lamb’s Pride in Ruby Red and some Sugar and Creme cotton in olive tones for Jeni. Jeni, I think you’ll enjoy working with these!

After that we went to a place that Megan had heard about that served frozen custard. It really did taste like custard although the small size was ginormous!

We had a great time, everyone was fabulous. It was so wonderful to meet up with some amazing bloggers. Thanks again Mariko, Megan, Joanne and Rachel!

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