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Back from the Show

I’m back! I spent two days at The Royal Welsh Show where I saw many animals including pigs – had no idea just how enormous they could be! – , horses, ponies, dogs, chicks, otters and of course sheep. I also saw some sheep being sheared in a contest.

Just my luck, after I apologise for not having emailed people I get back and discover that I can’t access ANY of my emails! That’s a pain.

I didn’t do as much knitting as I thought I might. I’ve got as far as turning the heel on my second Las Vagas sock but that’s it. Have been too tired to do any more.

I have this Friday off and am not sure yet what I’m going to do. I may spend the day sewing a top to wear to a friend’s wedding reception in London on Saturday. Or I may try and sew most of the top before Friday so that I have more time Friday for relaxing!

Whether that will happen though I’m not sure, because I had an accident in my craft room last week. One of my bookshelves fell down taking all of my sewing books, and some tubs with things like embroidery hoops in them, down onto a table and the floor. Aside from some lovely paper with dragonflies on it that I was keeping flat in one of the books, everything is ok. But it does mean that I’ll have some tidying up, or more realistically I’ll just move stuff around!, in order to create space to sew.

I have to get into the sewing mood again because Andy’s fortieth birthday is in September and I’ve promised to finally make a dark green velvet frock coat, that I was supposed to have made two or three years ago, for him.

Tonight though I’m just going to chill out on the sofa. Far too tired after two busy days.

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  1. Rachael says:

    Enjoy your down time….