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New Knitty!

I’ve just seen that new issue of Knitty is up! It’s the sex issue so it’s not for everyone. Some interesting knitted lingerie there but I haven’t time to have a good look at the designs yet – have to go to work 🙁

My only immediate complaint is that a tampon holder is featured. I have no problem with tampon holders but I don’t see anything sexy or naughty about tampons. They’re just a fact of life. I don’t see why they can’t appear in any issue. I know that others will feel differently but it’s just my two cents…


  1. hetty says:

    Well, if it’s a SEX issue and not just a SEXY issue, it makes sense. 🙂 (sexual/reproductive organs and all that goes with it…)

  2. Emma says:

    I agree with you.Not the least bit phased by tampons or tampon holders,but don’t find either sexy !
    Fab yarn haul from Paris.Lynn H’s yarns are really beautiful.You buy such fab yarn in the most delicious colours.Nice sock too ! :0)