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I really shouldn’t be posting because we leave at 7.15am today and I still haven’t quite finished my packing.

We had a work’s leaving do tonight and had such fun that I left nearly two hours later than I’d planned!

My Toronto Knitting will be the second Bearfoot sock – it’s almost at the heel so I should finish it during the trip. Was wondering about taking some of the Interlacements Little Toes with me but that might be a bit much. I will take my Denise needles just in case I see something that I have to knit immediately!

Also the Bucket is currently on hold because I remembered why I hadn’t actually made any since I first bought the pattern – I don’t own two pairs of 4.5mm circs. What a lovely excuse to get more Addi Turbos! 🙂

I will try and post sometime during our trip if I can. See you all soon!

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