When knitting goes bad

So, I’ve developed a very recent addiction to knitting berets. The problem is that so far they’ve gone very wrong.

My first Rollin’ Beret from some Fyberspates Scrumptious that Jeni gave me a few years ago, was a joy to knit. That is until I finished it & found that it was more of a hat than a beret.

This is the Rollin' beret in comparison with the page boy cap I wear most days

I next cast on, using the same pattern, some Colinette Skye. I knit the medium size and was speeding along after the increases when I suddenly realised that my knitting was twisted.

Twisted knitting

There is always a risk of this happening while knitting in the round but it’s still really frustrating. It doesn’t matter how careful I am either after casting on to not twist the stitches while joining the knitting into a circle, it still happens. Happened twice with the first beret.

Now I’m deciding what to do next. Frog the silk beret and try again in a larger size? Try again in Skye? I need to be knitting something while on Radio Wales tomorrow morning so I have to decide tonight.

Well, since I originally posted this I’ve begun casting on in another Skye colourway. I wasn’t sure if I liked the one that became twisted. Hopefully I can keep this one straight but we’ll see.

Tomorrow I’m on the radio during the first hour of Jamie and Louise. It should be about 9.15, maybe just before. It’ll also be available to listen again after the broadcast on the BBC iPlayer Radio

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  1. I haven’t podcasted for a long time but, as I said in my last post, it’ll be coming back this year. It just won’t be as regular as it used to be.

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