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Working out a pattern

I saw these Mary Jane style knitted slippers on the Victoria’s Secret website. They wouldn’t be that hard to knit would they? To me it looks like, and remember I knit toe-up socks, knit to heel and then cast off. Pick up stitches for the strap and knit until it’s long enough to fasten comfortably and make a simple button hole.

Hmmm I really fancy making some of those right now but I have to brave the city centre for Xmas shopping. 🙁

But when I do get a chance to knit them, and I’m thinking possibly worsted weight yarn or a little heavier I will post the pattern. They’ll be for tiny feet though, I’m a UK size 4 which is a US 6.5 and European 37. But I think you could adapt any sock pattern for them.


  1. Yvonne says:

    Here’s a link to where to buy a pdf pattern for Mary Jane’s if you don’t want to work it out for yourself!

  2. urraca says:

    If you don’t find the time to create your own pattern, you can pick one from the list here:
    Good to have you back. Hope 2007 bring good things for you.

  3. Robin says:

    Hope the packing is continuing to go well and you and Pushkin are settling in. I miss your podcast terribly! Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and joyful New Year!

  4. MaryMR says:

    Hello Marie, I hadn’t stopped in for a while because my life got too busy to listen to podcasts for awhile… But being a fan, I stopped at KnitCast first. I just now saw the news of your move. Know that a knitter from San Francisco area is thinking ‘good thoughts’ for you in your new digs. I look forward to your podcasts whenever you can do them again. All the best for the holidays and New Year.

  5. Knit Socks Pattern

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