I Really am Still Knitting…

No, really I am. Look here…

This is a Purl SoHo beret in progress

I haven’t touched my Snapdragon Tam in a while because I’ve had problems reading the pattern. I don’t think it’s Ysolda’s fault, just my inability to concentrate on anything at the moment. I will return to it soon. It’s my first attempt at cables and it’s just gorgeous. I really want to finish it and knit the matching fingerless mitts 🙂

I even have some new knitting bags from Ravelry

I loved the Sheep to Sock design so got it in the blue as well.

I have stopped myself from ordering more knitting bags. I don’t really need them plus since I’m still on operation declutter and destash I’ve been putting things up for sale on eBay. Mostly Doctor Who Audio Play cds but I’m putting up yarn soon too. Including sock yarn. This has been quite difficult but it has to happen. There’s just not enough space in the house for all of my stuff. If you’re interested in the auctions they’re here. Think I’ll start putting the yarn up for auction from tomorrow.

I’m still gardening too but progress has been super slow. I’ve now got a raised bed in the veg area but I’ve not filled it with soil. I also have a mini greenhouse but I’ve not put the cover on it yet. I’ve taken four days off work to work on the garden but I was hit by bad weather on three of them and had a raging stomach bug on another. But I am determined to press on with it. My garlic, growing in pots, is still very happy and one of my sweet potatoes has sprouted some shoots.

This also means that I really do have to fill that raised bed soon, so that I can plant the sweet potato and its shoots.

In other news my aunt Wendy is currently stuck in China due to the ash cloud. She was interviewed on Radio Wales today – around 14 minutes in here. Hilariously they’ve been able to speak to her before I have! I’ve not been able to get through to her hotel. It’s good to know though that she’s in safe hands.

(I really wish my photos would centre properly)

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