The Joy of Soxie

Socks knit in Soxie in Bahama Mama

I’ve had a knitting dilemma. You see although I want to knit more complicated things like the cabled Snapdragon Tam and the Pia Laceweight Pullover I’ve found that they’re pretty useless to take outside the house. Or rather that I’m pretty useless at working on them outside the house. I can’t knit them during my lunchbreak or on the bus etc.  I find that those snatched moments which lend themselves so well to simple knits are not focussed enough for me to work on something that needs more concentration. I expect it’ll get easier the more confident I become with more complicated knits but I can’t tell you how lovely it felt to cast on for a sock while on the train to see Doug on Friday.

As you can see it’s a second sock, so guilt free. I’m not cheating on Pia or Snapdragon with it. I bought the yarn in Sea Port Yarns during my trip to New York in 2007. The photo doesn’t do the yarn justice. The colours are green, turquoise, purple and gold. I’m not entirely sure when I cast on the first sock. It could have been anytime between 2007 and 2008. I know that I was knitting it in December 2008 just before Doug and I started seeing each other.

So I cast on the second sock on Friday and have just finished the increases. It’s my usual 64 stitch sock with a partridge eye heel from The Sole Solution. I have this week off work and I hope to do some more tidying on the house, some gardening and hopefully some work n one of the more complicated knits. It would be lovely to get a handle back on Snapdragon and finish it despite the fact that it’s too warm to wear it.

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