Books, books, books

Just a small sampling of some of my books

I sorted through some of my books yesterday and found a few shelves worth to give away, not the ones above though! I felt so guilty looking at some of them, because so many are unread. If I like a particular author I will buy as many of their books as I can. This means that I have a lot of unread books. Of the ones you can see in the picture I’ve read all of the Armistead Maupin books, most of the Alice Walkers and a fair few of the Alice Hoffman and Alice Munro. And yet today while sorting in another room I see my Alison Lurie novels, my Marcia Mullers, Sue Graftons etc.  Sometimes I find it hard to find time for knitting, how am I going to make time for reading?

I’m not quite sure yet but it must be done.

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  1. I am a huge Alison Lurie fan – I nearly wrote my masters thesis on her novels (but didn’t in the end). I’m fascinating by the way that she uses the same characters throughout her novels, but they’re all so different. I love those the writers you mention too. You are a woman of excellent taste! 🙂

  2. Oh! Thank you! It reminds me that I have so many of her novels yet to read. Yesterday, I even found some more that I didn’t realise I had!

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