Sewing plus a year older


Yesterday I used my sewing machine for the first time in three years. I’ve used Doug’s before but it was nice to sit in front of mine again. I was worried I might not remember how to use it but everything came flooding back.

I’ve been wanting to try Heather Ross’ Mendocino sundress for a while and on Tuesday night I cut the fabric out. I’m writing this on the WordPress android app and somewhere in this post you’ll be able to see my first attempt at shirring. I’ve added a few more rows since taking that photo but still have plenty more to sew before it’s done.

I wanted the dress to be lined and decided that I’d rather do French seams than have to overlock (serge) everything. The problem now, however, is that the dress might be too big. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Oh, and I’m a year older. I’m sort of used to being 38 now since I’ve felt it since Christmas! Sad but true. As soon as Christmas and January time comes along I start feeling the age that I’m going to be in six months time. I have a feeling that next year might be more different. I’ll start feeling 39 in January 2011 and since that’s almost 40 I’ll be feeling 40 instead. So I’ll stupidly be feeling eighteen months older than I am and eighteen months before I really have to worry about it!

Ah, well it’s only a number. That’s what I’ll keep telling myself….

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