Wonder Woman 600

First thoughts on reading the Wonder Woman reboot.

I was surprised to find that this was a collection of stories and art work with an article on the new costume and an introduction by Lynda Carter. Really surprised since I was expecting it to just launch into the new story.

The stories appeared to be all new, although I regularly get my comics subscriptions I haven’t been able to read them for a while hence why I assume they’re new. The first seemed to involve all of DC’s superheroines and showed how they felt about her which was quite interesting but I had a soft spot for the story featuring Power Girl (rolls eyebrows at her costume, yet again) since it was quite funny. There was an adventure with Superman which featured a bad guy that I think I remember from my early days of reading WW during the seventies. Before I forget the first story also featured the Kapatelis. I hadn’t realised those characters were introduced way back in 1986, hadn’t realised it was so long ago! Reminds me that around that time they tried to pitch a WW tv show with those characters as a sort of soap. Some of the full page artwork in 600 was just gorgeous. I wonder if they’ll release some of them as posters?

Anyway, I digress. By the time I reached the reboot there weren’t many pages left which was unsatisfying as although I still don’t like the new outfit – her leggings are very tight, so much for trying to make the outfit more acceptable – I still was intrigued enough by the story to want to know more. So this issue just felt like a big tease really. Hope I can get my hands on the next one soon.

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  1. I have to say I don’t like the new costume at all. Has too much of a look of “the girl about town” and not the buxom WW Lynda Carter brought to life when I was of an appreciable age 🙂

  2. I’m with Fred – I’m not keen on the new costume either.

    Although I’m not sure whether it’s because it’s too self-consciously modern, or it’s because Wonder Woman pretty much set the template for all my womanly desires really – strong character, strong chest and heaving corsets!

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