Fyberspates Open Weekend

I’ve still got lots of catchup posts to write but on Saturday the lovely Karen drove Doug and I to Jeni’s unit for the first day of the Fyberspates Open Weekend. And what a fab day it was filled with knitting, conversation and the eating of cakes!  What more could you ask for?

This was the first time I’d been to Jeni’s unit and look, there’s yarn every where!

Even bears love yarn.

Doug used to spin as a teenager and I had been hoping for ages to persuade him to try again. Alas spinning takes a lot of practice and letting more than twenty years pass doesn’t help.

Jeni’s mother Mary is an amzing baker and baked some lovely goodies

Some of Mary’s fabulous baked goods. I was able to get the recipe for the chocolate cake from Mary and hope to bake it soon 🙂

I managed to get Jen and Mary to pose for the camera but it was a bit difficult!

I had resolved to be strong around the lovely yarns and not purchase any since I do have a wall of yarn. But this lovely skein insisted on coming home with me. It’s and is rather difficult to capture the shade exactly. Be assured that it’s a rather rich, vibrant purple with a beautifully soft hand. I haven’t decided what this will be just yet but I feel that it is calling to be knit in a cabled design.

At one point Jen found some perspex yarn bobbins which I joked looked like knitters throwing stars! We tried to get Jen to pose as a knitting ninja for photos. I got her to wear a skein Lara Croft style but she wasn’t playing yarn ball 😉

It was wonderful to see Jen again, it was over a year since we’d last seen each other, and even better to see her in her element amongst her work 🙂 I need to do another interview with Jen sometime since the last time she was on KnitCast was five years ago. I’ve seen Jeni’s journey from the first time she began dying, to selling skeins on eBay, to giving up her old day job and working at Fyberspates fulltime. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see my friend do so well. And my god, she works so very hard. She deserves every success she gets and more.

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  1. fabulous yarn (I spotted some of the gorgeous new scrumptious range) and cakes 🙂 sounds like my kinda day!

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