Belated 9th Blogiversary or Late, Late and an Update…

I’m behind in blog entries, no surprise there and sadly not a surprise that I’m again blogging when ill. Really must get into the habit of blogging when I’m well. The short of it is that I have a chest infection which has effected my asthma. As a result I’m really tired and have low energy levels. So, Pip, you have your answer 😉

Now, normally having over a week at home away from work would be fabulous because I’d be able to finish the last bit of tidying on the house – rather crucial now because one of Doug’s pinball tables is going to reside here! – weed the garden and ready it for spring and also, make some stuff.

Instead I’m finding it difficult to do anything without getting really tired.

Fortunately it doesn’t take much energy to watch my hyacinths begin to flower on the windowsill.


Pink hyacinth in flower on my living room windowsill



I have four, two pink and I’m assuming two blue, although one hasn’t shown its colours yet.


Blue hyacinth just starting to show his colours...


One of my Xmas gifts from Doug was a Magimix le micro food processor. It’s perfect for making up batches of fresh pesto. At the moment I’m having to buy fresh basil leaves but I’m hoping that these little basil seedings will grown soon so that I can can have home grown pesto over the summer. 🙂 I grew a lot of basil last year but it wasn’t successful because of slug interference. Hopefully this year will be better!


Basil – Spice Boys Mix




3 Replies to “Belated 9th Blogiversary or Late, Late and an Update…”

  1. the only time I’ve successfully grown basil I kept it on a sunny windowsill inside, didn’t overwater and checked for greenfly ^..^ glad to see you back (hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

  2. I had something like this at the end of last year. It took me weeks to come right – despite doing nothing much (because I couldn’t!) I developed pneumonia eventually. Take it easy and get better soon.

  3. Thanks Pip! And yikes M-H! Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to get that! You’re right, it’s never a good idea to push it. I will continue to take things slowly.

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