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Cough, cough, splutter

I’m suffering from a horrible cough that’s stripped away almost all of my voice. So I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself. I’ve also been off work for the second day in a row. Can’t do my job without my voice and all the coughing is pretty disgusting.

No cat news although the home check seemed to go well. Hopefully we’ll hear back from them tomorrow. If you want a cat fix then pop over to Claudia’s blog for a pic of her ever wonderful Russian Blue Igor.

I’m still knitting away on the Sabrina Tam. I’m about three rows  away from the ribbing and the delights of casting off in rib. I’ve found the yarn very difficult to work with. It looks interesting when knit up but is very unfriendly in the hand. I’m looking forward to knitting with a nice smooth yarn again. I probably should alternate rows with finishing off my second top-down raglan. It’s about ten rows away from the finish line and I’ve been working on it since before SF.


  1. Wendy says:

    Sorry you’re ill! I’ll keep my fingers crossed (and Lucy will keep her paws crossed) for good kitty news for you!

  2. jeni says:

    Hope your feeling better, have I texted you since friday? I lost my mobile and I’m not sure if I lost it at home or not, chances are if i text you then it’s at home. Can’t wait to hear the cat news.
    J xx