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If At First You Don’t Suceed…

Quite a few redos this week starting with my Wild is the Wind beret. I’d made the mistake of of not realising that the twisted stitches in the pattern are actually mini cables. Re-reading the pattern and watching the video that’s linked to in the pattern helped fix my TLs from this

Holey Mess

to this.

Stitches twisting properly. Yay!

I also have to redo my 40th birthday plans as unfortunately Doug wasn’t very well on Saturday. The weather was also awful so even if he had been well, we’d have been soaked. No problems though, it just means that I get an extended birthday 😉


  1. maf says:

    thanks for your post found through Ravelry! I was going through the same problem. YouTube was my best help too! cheers!

  2. Marie Irshad says:

    You’ve welcome! Apologies that it took so long to approve this comment. I’ve been neglecting the blog of late.

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