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Stomach Yuck and Computer Argh!

I seem to be highly susceptible to any kind of stomach thing that’s around. Last week I became very ill in work and was off for a couple of days with the stomach yuck. The heat that we’re suffering from at the moment didn’t help either. So, as usual, I’m behind with email etc.

I did manage to get a little bit of knitting done but mostly I slept and listened to an audiobook of Harry Potter 5. I had to catch up before my pre-order of the new one arrived. Well I’m in possession of the new book now and just have a little of the last one to finish.  Amy says that the first chapter is incredible so I’m looking forward to that.

So onto the computer Argh! I bought a nearly new iBook from eBay the other week – no argh with that, since it’s a Mac I’ve had no problems. No, the difficultly came when I tried to set up a wireless network. You see we have a three-storey house and the main internet access is on the first floor (second floor to Americans) and I wanted to use the iBook in my study which is on the ground floor. I bought an Airport Extreme (again used) and of course the iBook has no problems joining the wireness network, even in the study!, but the PC that’s right next to it with a wireless USB couldn’t. So, we were up until 2am last night trying to make the damn thing work. It’s now fine and we’re exactly sure why, Andy can’t remember what he did – one you’ve looked at loads of dialogue boxes they all look the same, but it works and that’s fine by me!

I’m glad that it’s sorted out now because I’m leaving in a few hours to work on an outside broadcast. I’ll be away for a couple of days. It’s at an agricultural show but I don’t know how much of the show I’ll be able to see while I’m there.

So no pics of knitting just yet but I have finished various socks and of course bought some new sock yarn too! 🙂 I’m probably taking far too many sock projects with me, three!, but they’re all in various stages so at least one should get finished while I’m away. I’m very proud of myself because one pair is a destash – I bought the yarn, Lorna’s Laces in Fire,  nearly two years at ImaginKnit in San Francisco.  Once those are done I’ll have to start another project from deep stash yarn!

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  1. Emma. says:

    Manuka honey ! Really ! It kills the bacteria that cause some forms of stomach ulcers and cancers. I find that taking a teaspoon full,regularly,soon settles things down. Magic really.I’m always a sceptic about these things,but this works for me.
    Sorry that this seems like a big advert ! I’ve no affiliation with the following site,they’re just who I buy from :
    Hope you feel better soon.