Making Monday – Building a PC

Doug’s main PC blew up last week

Smoking is bad for your PC health

So I built him a new one on Saturday.

He’d ordered some parts from Scan (the “it’s a no brainer” bundle) which were packed in an enormous box


With Erebus the cat for scale



Case, motherboard, memory, power supply, hard disk and processor unboxed


This is a lot less scary than it looks.

And the motherboard in progress. You can see that I’ve already fitted the processor and the fan that keeps it from overheating. I had been a bit nervous about installing the processor but it was easy

In fact the hardest part of the whole build was getting the damn metal panel that frames the connectors into the PC case. It’s always the worst job.


Ooh 6 USBs! 😉 (or is it 8?)

There was no pesky software installation to contend with either as the solid state drive with Windows 7 on it from the burnt PC was undamaged.

However, I’m now really jealous of Doug’s new PC. I can’t justify building a new one for myself until next year but I’m already planning what elements I might put in it.

After the PC was built we went to a local Vintage Fair where I bought a sewing pattern. It’s too dark to photograph now so it’ll have to wait until the next post 🙂

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