Paris, Birthday and Batman!


I *love* this birthday card given to me by my friend Liz! It’s fab! I think Mariko will appreciate this card! I also want to find out where you can buy sprinkles shaped like stars.

I’m so tired. Saturday was a very long day because we did make it to the market early, it was very hot and later there were delays in getting back home. Travelling from France back to the UK was not the problem, that was great and very efficent, but there were delays in getting from London to Cardiff.

I tried to blog from Paris but my typepad email didn’t work. Here’s a brief taste of our Paris trip – Thursday was my birthday and our first full day in Paris. We did some shopping including buying yarn and chocolate at Le Bon Marche and Le Grande Epicerie and saw Batman Begins at the cinema. It was a VO, version orginale, and had French subtitles that weren’t distracting. It was great and the audience broke out into applause at the end! Of course I put a lot of its success down to the fact that Batman is played by a Welshman!:-)

I’m even more tired today because we only managed to sleep for a couple of hours last night. It was unbearably hot and neither of us could get to sleep. It also didn’t help when at about 2 or 3am, I forget the exact time, some noisy people in one of the flats next door to us came home and decided to talk very loudly and play music. I couldn’t tune it out.

Oh and I’ve had some problems sending and receiving email since I got home. I think it’s ok now but I will be resending out some emails  that I don’t think got through.

More on our trip tomorrow and my meeting with the lovely Kate Gilbert and her other half!

2 Replies to “Paris, Birthday and Batman!”

  1. Sorry you had delays on your way home. What a pain! But sounds like you had a wonderful birthday trip. 🙂 (Also sounds like you have hotter weather than we have, and yet are only 45 minutes drive away!!)