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Going Digital

I used to have a lot of magazines. I don’t mean just a few but shelves full of magazine boxes containing copy after copy of film periodicals, sci-fi mags, computer mags and of course crafting titles. Some I flicked through often, others I just stored but they all had one thing in common, they took up space. I got rid of most of the movie and tv mags when I was decluttering and kept the craft mags. But where would I put any new ones? Because I couldn’t just stop buying the odd magazine.

And then I discovered that Interweave sold all of their magazines as downloadable pdfs. I’d been buying pattern pdfs for years so this made perfect sense. You can even buy the first ten years of Interweave Knits as a set. The only thing was, I wanted to subscribe to magazines rather than buying every issue – And then I found Zinio, a digital mag provider. I can now access a whole range of magazines on my android tablet and on the web.



Interweave Knits on my android tablet


You can get $5 off your first Zinio order by using this link. That could just be a single issue of a magazine, it doesn’t have to be a full subscription.


Although I’m happy reading articles off a screen I do like to have hard copies of patterns so that I can cross off rows, make notes etc. That’s no problem with a digital mag because you can still print off the relevant pages on your computer. You’re also not damaging the printed pattern. Another thing you can do, although this is just with pdfs rather than Zinio mags, is back them up to cloud storage like Drop Box. Then they’re available across all of your pcs and devices.



  1. Elly says:

    I LOVE Zinio 🙂 And reading on my Blackberry Playbook… I’m looking forward to more and more authors and publishers releasing a d/l of their work. I travel a lot and books take up SO much space and weight!

  2. Marie Irshad says:

    Yes, the weight is a heavy issue! 😉 I love reading on my tablets.

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