Raspberries. Baked not blown.

I’ve had a bit of a foodie weekend. On Saturday I went to the St Fagans Food Festival at the National History Museum. I met up with Amy from Grainy’s Garden and her other half Stephen for lunch and a walk around the stalls. It was a fab afternoon but I forgot to take any pictures! In my defence it was boiling hot! I only came away with one purchase, some smoked paprika panchetta. Haven’t decided what I’ll use it in just yet. Possibly a quiche or in a pasta sauce. I love smoked paprika!

Sunday, I made one of my regular trips to Riverside Market. It’s a great little market and it’s the best place to buy cut flowers. So much nicer than the super markets. I particularly like the Pencoed Growers stall and while my flowers were being wrapped I saw that they had some raspberries. I rarely seem to find raspberries in the supermarkets, they seem to concentrate more on fruits like strawberries and blueberries, so I picked up a punnet.

I originally planned to make a crumble but when I googled for Nigel Slater recipes I came a cross a couple of mentions of his Victoria and Raspberry Tray Bake.  It’s a very moist cake requiring almost a full pack of butter and four large eggs.  So moist in fact that it broke in half when I attempted to extract it from the silicone “tin”.



It’s very good but also very rich. I’m going to take one half into work tomorrow and will freeze some of the remainder. I think it would work very well with ice cream.

Last week I mentioned that I was working on a secret knitting project. This is part of it.


I still have more work to do on it, it now looks very different, but it won’t be too long until it’s ready for its recipient 🙂

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