New Blog: Long Overdue Update!

The problem with taking a break from weekly postings is that well, as you can see, you can end up just not posting at all.


Lots of stuff has happened since February, firstly some very sad news.

My cat Emma died just after midnight on September 19th. She was about a month shy of her fifth birthday and always been very fit and healthy. Unfortunately she suddenly developed an untreatable thrombosis and had to be put to sleep. I miss her so much, she was a lovely puss cat.

I’m not the kind of person who can live in a house without any cats so I took on a kitten. Her original owners weren’t able to keep her because their little boy was allergic to her. I’ve called her Billie, after Billie Holiday, and she’s currently trying to destroy my house. But she is very, very cute.

She enjoys watching the washing machine..

My knitting stalled a bit this year but I’ve finished two lots of “second socks” and I’m almost done with a hat from a pattern called Seedling. Billie loves it when I knit.

I’m not quite so fond of her reaction to my knitting…

Last month I had to build a new PC because my old one, which had kindly been given to me by a friend a couple of years ago, decided it wasn’t very happy. So I ordered some parts and a really ugly tower case and built a new one. At the moment I’m hoping to slowly add new things to it. This month I doubled the memory to 8 gig. I’m hoping to give it a graphics upgrade next month.

This is a warning quilt from The Festival of Quilts. It warns people not to touch quilts but I thought it was lovely.

And here’s some Japanese fat quarters that I bought in Bath in May.

In July the bf and I went to London for a day. We went to a Lebanese restaurant for lunch and I had a fantastic pot of mint tea to accompany it. That led to many mint tea experiments over the summer.


Think I’ll try posting every Monday again for a little while…

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  1. Nice to see you! I have that same IKEA glass mug. I’m sorry to hear about Emma, but it sounds like Billie is keeping you on your toes!

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