Pre-Madrid Post. I’m just waiting

Pre-Madrid Post. I’m just waiting for the airport bus and thinking about The Black Cat yarnstore! See my site and click on Shopping Guides to get the address of the store.

The second edition of Knitcast is now online. Go to to download it.

I’m writing this on my Treo phone so apologies if it looks strange.

I’ve had some emails asking me how I recorded the first KnitCast. I used a mini disc recorder and broadcast quality mic which I borrowed from a friend. That’s why it sounded so good. The second edition was done using my computer mic and Skype so you will notice a difference. This time the file size is smaller, around 8 meg and it’s mono not stereo. I hope you’ll still enjoy it though. There’s also some big Wendy Knits news and a competition.

Remember to send your comp answers directly to Wendy. You’ll find her email address on her site

2 Replies to “Pre-Madrid Post. I’m just waiting”

  1. How cool is this? The Knitcast, I mean!! I read about it on Wendyknits and listened to the first two casts on my computer at work. I had been checking in on Wendy since before there was a blog, great gal – she puts up with a lot. I’m also glad to see you are starting with working professionals. What a better way to invalidate that knitters has nothing better to do! Great luck with your new venture.