Sad news about Colinette Yarns

I received a really sad email yesterday from Sam at Colinette yarns saying that they’d dyed their last hank and had closed their shop in Llanfair Caereinion. Colinette is the yarn company that hooked me into knitting back in 2001. I was on holiday in San Francisco and bought a copy of Interweave Knits magazine on impulse. I hadn’t knit since I was a child and couldn’t cast off or do the perl stitch but there was an amazing looking sweater on the cover of the mag that grabbed me. It was in Colinette’s famous Point 5.

At that point I didn’t even know that the company was based in Wales and dyed their yarn here. I loved reading how Colinette was an artist who had first turned her love of colour to yarn in the 1980s and had been coming up with new shades ever since. I loved her colours. I couldn’t find anything like them in Cardiff back in 2001, it sounds trite but those colours were life changing. You couldn’t buy anything knitted that was close to them back then.

When I got home from SF I ordered enough of Prism, I think…, in Fruit Coulis I think.., to make a sweater. At that time I was knitting really badly. I’ve since tried to unravel the sweater and I must have split the piles or something because it’s proven impossible to undo the work but I still loved the yarn. I’ve bought so much of it over the years back when it was impossible to find a lot of the American brands that I lusted over. While American friends were felting Lamb’s Pride Worsted I was horrifying them by felting Colinette’s Skye Aran. I made a fantastic pair of Theresa Vinson Stenersen’s Fuzzy Feet from Knitty in it that are worn out now.

I remember going to the Knitting and Stitching Show with Jeni from Fyberspates, the first year that she sold her own yarn on the Get Knitted Stall, and being blown over by the Colinette Stand. We went there at least twice over the weekend to buy bags of yarn. Of course I still have some of it unknit! When I was with Andy we made a few trips to the fantastic Colinette shop. It was a really amazing place. Although it closed its doors early this year you can go back in time and take a tour via the magic of YouTube.

There’s still plenty of yarn left in the online shop so if you’ve ever held off ordering from them this may be your final chance to do so.

Today I made what’s probably my last ever order from them – One skein of Jitterbug in one of my favourite shades – Alizarine. I don’t know if I’ll knit it up straight away – I have to tidy up my craft room first ha! – or if I’ll just gently place it with the other yarns of its brethren.

Colinette has held such affection in my heart as being the yarn company that swept me into the knitting world fifteen years ago and I will miss them so very much. I wish the best to Colinette and her team for the future.

4 Replies to “Sad news about Colinette Yarns”

  1. I know this is a bit late in the day, but I have to write to say how much I am missing Colinette. I first came across these fantastic yarns ages and ages ago in Covent Garden. Since then I have been hooked, literally. I have lived in France for 13 years and was able to order yarns online. I ordered because I loved the textures and colours and stashed away ones I didn’t really need at the time. Now I can indulge still in creativity but I am running out! Others do not even come near to quality or beauty. Whatever you are doing now, I hope things are going well, and a massive thankyou from my family and friends, all of whom have benefitted from your yarns.

  2. Hi Annette, you might want to write to Colinette Yarns directly. I’m not involved with the company, I just wrote about my experiences with them. Checking their site just now I see that they still have some yarn left so you can add more to your stash 🙂

  3. I do so miss colinette yarn. Especially point five! It knits up into the most amazing things. Even a fumble fingered knitter like myself has turned out gifts worth giving……please someone start up a colinette factory again.

  4. Long time Colinette fan here, yarn just isn’t the same, wherever I look there just isn’t as much choice available, in the same colour schemes, different weights, and different textures
    I miss them so much!
    If anyone has found a shop that is similar then please let me know!!!