18th Blogiversary

I can’t believe that my humble blog is now old enough to take up an apprenticeship, go to to uni or legally drink alcohol in the UK. 😀

Of course when I began writing here about my knitting and other interests, all those years ago, I had no idea that it would still be active, or even a thing, all these years later.

I embraced social media but, like others, I’ve found its algorithms frustrating and restrictive. With a blog you can always the latest post and there’s no worry that you’ve missed one just because enough of your mates didn’t click “like”.

Over the last eighteen years, I’ve moved house twice, fallen in love with my American, Eric, and got married. I’ve loved and lost, many cats – I miss them so much, especially Clyde who used to begrudgingly model some of my knits here. Sabre, Jake, Pushkin, Emma and Billie are never far from my thoughts.

I do still knit, and build computers, and sometimes sew and make jewellery but not as much as I used to. I’m still in a big reading phase. My blog helped my old American penfriend Kirsten track me down several years ago and now we always try and meet whenever I’m in Boston.

I was remembering the days of the Knitting Web Ring and how you could read all of the knitting blogs in an evening. Those were fun times. I see that my old web ring neighbour, The Keyboard Biologist Knits, hasn’t blogged for a while but I expect that’s for similar reasons as to why I haven’t blogged for a while. You get busy. But while I can’t always promise that I’ll be blogging every week, I think I’ll always have a blog 🙂

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