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Making Monday – Earrings and The Spice Boys

The weather has been far too hot for much making but I’ve made some progress on my Lotus Tunic dress


Lotus Tunic front folded

That’s the front view and it looks a bit strange because I’ve had to fold the middle panel a little to take the picture.  I still have to cut, sew and attach the lining. Then attach the sleeves and hem.

I organised a bit of making last week by having my friends Karen and Hannah over for a crafty evening. I let them loose on my bead collection and they each made a pair of earrings.


Hannah’s zuni bear earrings


Hannah fell for the turquoise loveliness of my zuni bears while Karen was enchanted by some of my Czech glass beads.

Karen’s double heart drop earrings

I think we’ll be doing this again but maybe it’ll be another craft next time. Sewing maybe?

With the weather veering between tropical showers and sweltering heat I’ve barely touched my garden but I have got some seedlings.

The Spice Boys

As you can see the seedlings are different colours. This seed mixture is called The Spice Boys mix and it took me far longer to get that joke than it should have!

I love basil but I never have any success growing it. The last time I tried slugs munched their way through it all. But my love of fresh pesto keeps me persevering.  This time I’m keeping the seedlings on the kitchen window sill. They still face the threat of white fly but I’m hoping that my venus fly traps and other carnivorous plant will help fend that off. I can but hope!

How does your Garden Grow…

So, I haven’t picked my knitting needles up in a while, my dress still needs straps – which seem to be taking forever – and hemming, but I have been doing garden stuff. Most notably preparing for my birthday present from Doug, an arbour. This is a sort of covered over bench but it’s also a little more than that. We’ve stained it in blue and hopefully it’ll be assembled this weekend. I’ve had to clear a corner of the lower garden to accommodate it which included moving my composter and transplanting a rose. I’m hoping the rose settles happily into its new spot. Mostly so that the wounds I sustained on my feet – one from a thorn, the other from a shovel – while moving it will have been worthwhile.

I have been growing some things. Some have worked out, others haven’t.

First up – lettuce.

Lovely Lettuce

More red coloured luttuce

The weird blue things in the soil are organic slug pellets. I hate slugs and snails. Even the ones with the cute dark spirals are their shells. They’re evil and munch away on things before I’ve had chance to have a taste myself.

This is the second batch grown in this self watering windowbox (it has a reservoir for water). The first lot were eaten all except for one seedling which after careful nurturing I discovered to be a weed. That really sucked but, it’s a hazard of gardening when you’re growing something new and don’t know what it looks like when it’s a young plant.

Basil – I started off with 23, count ’em, 23, basil seedlings. I now have 10 left. Damn slugs.

Hopes this grows fast - I want pesto!

My cauliflowers have been hit hard by aphids 🙁 I sprayed them with a soapy solution but it’s not helped.

Poor cauli

My corn is the strongest looking plant so far.

The hardiest of my three corn plants

I really want it to succeed. Even one ear of corn would be great, so fingers crossed.

Poor pumpkin. It’s been hit by aphids too. I’m not sure if I can rescue it.

Struggling pumpkin

This summer squash isn’t looking too bad but I’m still concerned about the aphids.

Healthyish squash

Another pest that I have to deal with, albeit a cute one, is Emma. She likes lying in the raised bed. As a result I lost some carrots. I went a bit overboard while sowing replacements and now the raised bed is full of little yellow carrot seedlings. I hope some of them survive. I have another self watering tub and am thinking of transferring some of them to that.

I also have some pepper seedlings

Pepper seedling

Smaller pepper seedling

and a very young Roma tomato.

This baby took a long time to germinate

I doubt that either of them are going to be able to do a great deal this summer, but, as always, we shall see.