All Quiet on the Crafting Front…

Quite literally in fact because I’ve lost my voice. Occasionally I have a bit of a raspy whisper but that’s about it. Plus I’m trying to avoid speaking so that it can heal. I’m taking throat lozenges and lots of hot drinks to help it along too. This all stemmed from a nasty sore throat cold bug that I’ve had over a week. Before today I’d not touched my knitting at all so I have nothing to show today.

So it’s not the best blog post but I have to keep my commitment to blogging every Monday. 🙂 This afternoon I started the colour work section on She’s Electric, yet again, and hopefully I’ll have something to photograph soon. 🙂

Competition update – I used a random number generator to choose the winner and I have contacted her but haven’t back yet. I’m hoping my email hasn’t gone into her spam folder!

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