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Something old, Something new…

I’ve been thinking a bit more about finishing off old half started projects.


This Onnen Cowl has been on the needles for a little while


and in a variety of yarns. This time it’s in Fyberspates Scrumptious Chunky. It could get finished soon. But I also have a hankering to return to my Rose Red.

But my next project will be a bit of a clearout. The decorating of my bedroom is nearly complete. The ceiling is white and the walls are this colour.

Soon I’ll be able to put my furniture back and then I’ll have a big sort out of clothes and jewellery. I also have to sort out some curtains and install a curtain pole. That might go on the back burner for a little while though…




How much sewing could you do in 30 minutes?

The first post of 2013 and I’m looking ahead to taking part in Cake Pattern’s Tiramisu 30 Minutes Sewalong. It starts tomorrow 🙂




I seem to start a lot of dress patterns and then become busy or distracted by something else but the sewalong is perfect as setting aside thirty minutes a day for it is so doable.  Everything’s done through Pinterest, there’s an enormous group of people all making it and what’s even better is that Steph, the creator is at hand to answer any questions that you might have.  So it’s going to be a very supportive environment in which to make the dress.

All I have to do now is locate the fabric I mean to use for the dress. It’s in my craft room somewhere… Oh, I’m also in the middle of preparations before I start to decorate my bedroom – it’ll be brilliant white and apple green. There’s a few layers of wallpaper to remove first but it’s coming along.