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Empire Biscuit

Finished – Edinburgh Rock

I’m really pleased with how this turned out


Detail of the leaves


I’ve never blocked a scarf before but I’m tempted to block this one so that the yarn over design shows up


Another view


Unfortunately I don’t have anything new to show you this week. I’ve had to stop and start a few projects including, Wild as the Wind, where I’ve ripped everything out and changed the yarn and needles. Most of my energy this week has gone into decluttering, again. Yes, again. I seem to do this a couple of times a year. Well, I say that but what I really mean is that I take some things from one room and put them in another. This time I’ve been taking things to the tip and recycling centre instead. I have some bookcases on my landing and they used to have boxes of crap, sorry, I mean vitally important things, in front of them. They don’t anymore. This has brought the added benefit of my no longer having to do contortions in order to switch off the landing light. This is good.

My plan is to finish off the reorganising before my birthday on Saturday. I have next week off and hope to make another dress, watch a few fillums and possibly do a bit of cooking or baking. 🙂


Oh and my friend Shea Wong has an article in the Huffington Post today.




Making Monday – Almond Comfit

An actual FO (finished object), my first in ages. It’s the Almond Comfit beret from Saturday Treat by Ysolda. It’s an usual pattern in that unlike others I’ve knit which begin at the crown or the ribbed brim, it begins at a point on the edge and the beret slowly builds up in the same way that a shawl does. In fact it was some time before it actually began to resemble a beret!

Once it did, it knit up quickly. The hardest things for me were the cast on which is in the figure 8 style – After reading comments on Ravelry I cheated and used Judy’s Magic Cast On – and grafting the last 12 stitches at the end. It was my first ever attempt at Kitchener stitch and I had to do it in two different patterns. But it was lovely to finish it and then block it on a dinner plate.

Here’s a picture of me wearing it in Cheddar Gorge yesterday.

Me wearing my new Almond Comfit beret in Cheddar Gorge

There’s a triple leaf design at the front which would have a been a bit more noticeable had I done my yarn overs properly, but I still like it. One other thing was that I knit the middle size and still had 40g of yarn left over afterwards.

We were hoping to see sweets being made at the Cheddar Gorge Sweet Kitchen but arrived too late for a demonstration. We’ll just have to go again which is fine by me as I love their choco limes! 🙂

Today was a Bank Holiday in the UK so I spent time of my time working on lining the bodice of the sweetheart dress as well as working on this – an Edinburgh Rock scarf in my remaining Empire Biscuit. I’m doing my yarn overs properly now 😉

Overexposed picture of Edinburgh Rock in Empire Biscuit in progress


Making Monday – WonderWool

On Saturday we went up to Builth Wells to the Royal Welsh Showground where I attended my first ever WonderWool.

As well as all of the yarn I was really pleased to see some sheep

Sheep tucking into some lunch

and my favourites, the Toft alpacas


Toft Alpacas


You Looking at Me?

There were also some Angora rabbits there but I didn’t see them.

I also recorded a couple of audioboos while I was there, you can hear the first – an interview with Chrissie Menzies, one of the organisers – here but the second one that I did with Lynne Seymore of Calon Yarns seems to have been eaten after it failed to upload a few times 🙁

Of course I bought a few things while I was there including this fab WonderWool charity bag in aid of the Air Ambulance



I’d been after the new Ysolda pattern book for Fyberspates Scrumptious yarns for a while so I got that plus three skeins of the aran in Empire Biscuit and one skein of aran in Sugar Mouse.

Delicious goodies from Fyberspates

I’ve already wound one of the skeins and cast on for the Almond Comfit beret.

A set of stitch markers and some lovely new darning needles


Some buttons which didn't photograph well


Pulsar sock yarn in shade Hyperspace by Sparkle Duck

and a very cute little something

A cute toy alpaca

It was a great show and so big! It’s just really nice to have something like this in Wales rather than having to travel further afield.