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Magpie Mimi

Making Monday – Acquisitions

My Lotus tunic is still in progress. The darts are done and the zip is in so that’s the back of the tunic finished. I intended to sew the front during the Olympics Closing Ceremony but found myself watching rather than sewing. I did join one of the side fronts but I don’t think I’ve sewn the curve very well so it’s now waiting for the seam ripper.

I met up with the lovely Magpie Mimi today for a spot of fabric shopping,  tea drinking and cake eating. We succeeded on all fronts.

In John Lewis I gave in and bought 2 metres of this chiffon which was reduced to half price at £6 a metre.

Navy random dots

The roll was 145cm wide so I have  lot of fabric towards a future project. I’ve been meaning to buy some chiffon for ages as so many of my fave store bought dresses are made from it. I am a little intimidated by the prospect of sewing it – I see a lot of french seams in my future – but hopefully it won’t be too bad.


Magpie Mimi gave me this beautiful cross stitch cherry button that she’d made.

Cherry button

she knows me well 🙂


I’d been meaning to buy one of her bird rings for ages

Bluebird ring

I’m also having a pair of bird earrings made to match 🙂 Her etsy shop is here if you’d like to check out her fab stuff. There are better photos on her site. I was in a rush tonight so mine are’t great!

Vintage April…

Some lovely finds...


What a fabulous afternoon I had today. I met up with Magpie Mimi, a fellow Welsh member of The Sew Weekly Sewing Circle, and we went fabric shopping. An arduous task of course but somehow we forced ourselves. 😉 First we went to John Lewis where as usual they had lots of nice but rather expensive things. I limited myself to buying a white 60cm zip, more on that later, some hooks and eyes and a pack of machine needles. Next was A Vintage Affair in the Morgan Arcade which has lots of vintage patterns, fabrics, trims and notions. I found the lovely full skirted dress pattern above and the hooks and eyes (yes, I know I already had some!) plus a red buckle. The pattern was £6 and all the pieces seem to be complete and unused. I may have to add a couple of inches to the waist but the sizing doesn’t seem too bad. They had several other patterns that I loved but which just weren’t near enough my size. Some were twice the price of this one too. But patterns go for similar prices on ebay.

I had intended on buying some more fabric from the stall in the market but we were so busy chatting over tea that by the time we got there it had closed! Probably a good thing really since I should be focusing on trying to do more sewing before I buy even more material.  I’m taking part in the Sew weekly UK Sewing circle meet up next month and everyone is making a dress to wear to the trip. I’m unbelievably nervous about this and although I have one pattern and fabric in mind – which involves the 60cm zip – I’m just worried as to how it will turn out.  I used to be a lot more confident about my sewing.

Anyway the only way around this is to sew, so I’m planning on making the meet dress as early as possible. At the moment I’m going to see if I can have it ready in time to wear to a pinball competition that Doug and I are taking part in on April 29th. At least that way if it doesn’t work then I’ll still have a couple of weeks to make something else. With that and the other two dresses I’m making at Doug’s I may well have sewn four dresses by this time next month!