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oolong dress

New Fabric! Oooh!

I went up to Doug’s on my birthday and while he was at work on Friday popped along to my fave Bristol fabric shop – FabricLand. I’ve been going there for at least a decade since it was in its previous, smaller premises. I go because there’s such a wide variety of fabrics and the prices are quite cheap.

My mission for Friday was to find some floral prints since I hope to make several Oolong dresses. Of course I still need to finish my first one, see the blue and black polka dotted bodice, but I’m not going to let that deter me! I came away with 2 meters each of four prints, some faux satin for making petticoats since I dislike lining things, and only spent £27.

So, here’s what I picked up. (click on the image to enlarge it)


Red, blue and pink vintage roses polycotton

Pink vintage roses polycotton


Green vintage red, white and pink roses 100% cotton


Bright modern flower print 100% cotton

Chinese faux satin in black and white 100% polyester


I’m not always that keen on polycottons because while cheap, these were about £2.40 a meter, they’re also rather thin and see through so they need to be lined. As I’ve said, I really dislike lining and try and avoid it where I can. But I really liked the prints and they were cheap, so I gave in! The green print just screamed vintage to me and I couldn’t resist it. The brighter modern print was one I’d had my eye on for a while. It’s available in another colourway with the large pink flowers coloured blue instead and the orange flowers, I think, coloured yellow. I may well buy its sister print next I visit the store. I had really hoped to find some small polka prints but they only had large ones with dots about the size of a UK penny. I have too many of those already. The cotton prints were about £3.33 a meter and the Chinese faux satin £1 a meter. The cottons and polycottons were about 45″ wide and the faux satin 60″.

Not sure when these will be cut into. I’ve been busy with a big clearout of my house. I now have a tidy study as well as a tidy craft room. Hopefully I’ll finish the clearout this week so that I can start sewing again next week. I’d like to make at least one dress a week but we shall see 🙂


How’d you like them apples?

Sadly not from my garden, but a colleague was selling 2 kilo bags of apples from his garden for only £1 which was a steal.  I usually make apple crumbles but I might venture out into making a pie.  Depends on whether I can cope with making all that pastry 😉

In other news, this arrived yesterday

A beautifully wrapped package from BackStitch which even had a hand written note.

And what was inside?

It’s the Oolong dress pattern from Colette.  As you may have gathered from the name, it’s a tea dress style  which is cut on the bias.

This is the first Colette pattern I’ve ever had and it’s different from the commercial patterns I’m used to. The instructions appear very clear and detailed and are sewn into the card wallet.

Goodness knows when I’ll get around to making this., always the way!, but it does look very interesting and excellent service from Backstitch.