I can’t just buy flowers…

…and put them straight into a vase. I have to check first to see if I can take any cuttings from them.


Wish I'd grown these!


So from this bunch of chrysanthemums I also have a glass full of little cuttings that should root

Chrysanthemum cuttings

Plus this

Chrysanthemum heads

Although some of the flower heads had popped off I couldn’t bring myself to just throw them away


In hip news I’m still in limbo really. Still waiting to hear when I have appointments with the hospital. I’ve also had some blood tests done since I seem to be bruising a lot since taking the anti inflammatories. Will get the results of those next week.

3 Replies to “I can’t just buy flowers…”

  1. What a good idea… I’d never thought of taking cuttings! Good excuse for buying myself bunches of flowers too 🙂

  2. this is such a great idea! I’ve been taking cuttings from some of my plants in the past few weeks, but I never thought to take them from already cut flowers! From now on, I shall 🙂

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