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It was the Night Before Christmas and the needles were not silent…

I’m so glad that my Christmas gift knitting is over. It was really up to the wire and I won’t be doing that again!


I can’t tell you what I knit as some friends have yet to open their presents but I did start knitting myself one on Sunday night


All I can say is that I’m making it in Cascade 220 Worsted yarn



It’s cold so Emma has been hanging out by the radiator. She doesn’t understand that now she’s four she’s a lot bigger than she was as a kitten and can’t drape herself across it as she used to. She’s convinced that she’s still exactly the right size for it. I’ve tried getting her to use one of those radiator hanging beds but she insists that she hates them and they’re not the same as her draping. So there.

Merry Xmas, everyone.

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  1. Magpie Mimi says:

    Merry Christmas!

    Good luck on getting Emma to use a radiator bed! Fizz won’t even sleep in a normal cat bed!

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