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November, 2009:


An orchid flowering in my kitchen

An orchid flowering in my kitchen

Doug took this picture last night. I think there’s more than ten buds on the stem. The dragonfly clip is from a previous orchid from M&S. I’ve kept it because I love dragonflies  🙂

I’ve admired orchids for some years but never seemed to have any luck growing them. I’d usually pick them up in Ikea and they’d be budding when purchased but after they’d flowered I’d just be left with some leaves. They’d soon either dry out or go a bit moldy through overwatering. A friend said that her mother recommended only watering them with lukewarm water but that didn’t seem to help either. I even bought orchid food but again that didn’t seem to help. I gave up on them and would throw the plants out once they’d ceased flowering. I kept buying them because the flowers are so lovely.

Then one day I visited the library at work. One of the window sills was filled with orchid plants. I asked after them and was told “Oh, that’s Liz’s orchid hospital.” Liz wasn’t around but apparently people would bring in their half dead orchids and she’d nurse them back to life. The prescription sounded simple – indirect sunlight and occasionally a little water. I could see that the roots looked sort of crystalline unlike the dead straws of root some of mine were sporting.  So while at home I moved my couple of orchid plants to the side windowsill of my kitchen and gave them a little water. And then just left them. I didn’t water them again for about a fortnight and fed them once a month or so.  I can’t remember how long it took now, but new stems began to grow and on those stems were buds. And so that’s how it’s been. I neglect them mostly. Give them a bit of water and food and the new stems and buds keep coming.

Guerrilla Knitting gallery

Old news to some, but I found this gallery of Guerrilla Knitting today which includes images like this rather more striking than usual, tank.

Knitting tank from Sky News Gallery

I’ve never knit anything quite so daring myself but I think it would be fun to see something like it out and about!

Moving to WordPress

Well, I’ve just begun the process of moving my blog over to WordPress.

Still a lot to do. I have to pick a design since it’s currently sporting the default WP look. I also have to redesign the other pages on and work out some sort of system of having those links permanently in here. Oh and then to slurp the images from typepad over to here. Then I need to move the KnitCast blog and get that awful RSS feed working. Wish I could move my earlier Blogger entries over here but I can’t find my password for that and the prompt sent a password reminded to an old email address which I no longer have access to. 🙁

Meanwhile…I am still knitting. I cast off the body of my mini sweater last week and am working on the sleeves. sadly the sleeves will require some juggling since I am running out of yarn. My ininial intention was to finish the sleeves off in the hot pink but there isn’t enough of it so I will have to undo what I’ve knit in the pink and knit some in what remains of the main body colour. And there isn’t much of that left so it’s going to be tricky!

Knitting & computer problems

I’m still not blogging enough as will be evident by the dates of my posts! But I have a few things to report.

1. I have cast off the body of my mini sweater. This means that all I now have to do is finish the sleeves, sew the ends in and sew on a button. And that’s it. I’ve been working on the mini sweater for about four months now but haven’t been knitting as often as I would have liked.

2. My iMac, which is my main computer, is very unwell. It started having issues while booting last week. As it was a day after I’d installed the free Linux Ubuntu Operating system on my iBook, I initially thought that perhaps the iMac had decided to go on strike in protest over what had happened to his little brother. We’ve managed to get it to boot twice which means that I was able to back up most of my files but but at the moment it won’t boot up at all so it’s off to the Apple Store genus bar this weekend to get fixed.

3. I’m thinking of switching from Typepad to WordPress. Mainly I’m having to economise and WordPress is free although a little trickier because you have to set it up yourself. But we’ll see.