Moving to WordPress

Well, I’ve just begun the process of moving my blog over to WordPress.

Still a lot to do. I have to pick a design since it’s currently sporting the default WP look. I also have to redesign the other pages on and work out some sort of system of having those links permanently in here. Oh and then to slurp the images from typepad over to here. Then I need to move the KnitCast blog and get that awful RSS feed working. Wish I could move my earlier Blogger entries over here but I can’t find my password for that and the prompt sent a password reminded to an old email address which I no longer have access to. 🙁

Meanwhile…I am still knitting. I cast off the body of my mini sweater last week and am working on the sleeves. sadly the sleeves will require some juggling since I am running out of yarn. My ininial intention was to finish the sleeves off in the hot pink but there isn’t enough of it so I will have to undo what I’ve knit in the pink and knit some in what remains of the main body colour. And there isn’t much of that left so it’s going to be tricky!

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