Knitting & computer problems

I’m still not blogging enough as will be evident by the dates of my posts! But I have a few things to report.

1. I have cast off the body of my mini sweater. This means that all I now have to do is finish the sleeves, sew the ends in and sew on a button. And that’s it. I’ve been working on the mini sweater for about four months now but haven’t been knitting as often as I would have liked.

2. My iMac, which is my main computer, is very unwell. It started having issues while booting last week. As it was a day after I’d installed the free Linux Ubuntu Operating system on my iBook, I initially thought that perhaps the iMac had decided to go on strike in protest over what had happened to his little brother. We’ve managed to get it to boot twice which means that I was able to back up most of my files but but at the moment it won’t boot up at all so it’s off to the Apple Store genus bar this weekend to get fixed.

3. I’m thinking of switching from Typepad to WordPress. Mainly I’m having to economise and WordPress is free although a little trickier because you have to set it up yourself. But we’ll see.

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