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June, 2012:


Yes, I know I’m posting on a day that isn’t Monday! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve realised that I seem to work better when I challenge myself. In my day job I have deadlines all the time but after last year’s Nanowrimo I realised that challenges and deadlines work well in my crafty life too.

Back in February on the tenth anniversary of this blog I decided to blog every Monday for a year. So far I’ve met that test but I feel I need another commitment craft wise particularly for sewing.

So I’m pledging to sew at least one garment every month. That might be anything from a top to a dress. It also doesn’t mean successfully making something. I’ve lost a lot of my sewing confidence over the years and this is the best way to get it back. Case in point, I have the week off to focus on craftiness and I have yet to cut into any fabric.

I have, however, cut into paper. The paper pattern to make this –



Amy Butler’sย Lotus Tunic. I bought the pattern after seeingย Magpie Mimi’sย fabulous versionย in the flesh last year. It was so good I hadn’t realised that she’d made it herself. You’ll recognise the white cherries from the last dress I made – not a success unfortunately. I found the pink cherries in FabricLand this week and although it’s not in one 3 metre length as I’d have wished – it was the end of the roll and they only had a 1m piece and a 1.5m piece – I’m hoping it’ll work. The main body of the dress will be the pink cherries with the white used for the shoulder panels and edge of sleeve caps. I’ll be making a start on it today ๐Ÿ™‚



If At First You Don’t Suceed…

Quite a few redos this week starting with my Wild is the Wind beret. I’d made the mistake of of not realising that the twisted stitches in the pattern are actually mini cables. Re-reading the pattern and watching the video that’s linked to in the pattern helped fix my TLs from this

Holey Mess

to this.

Stitches twisting properly. Yay!

I also have to redo my 40th birthday plans as unfortunately Doug wasn’t very well on Saturday. The weather was also awful so even if he had been well, we’d have been soaked. No problems though, it just means that I get an extended birthday ๐Ÿ˜‰

Finished – Edinburgh Rock

I’m really pleased with how this turned out


Detail of the leaves


I’ve never blocked a scarf before but I’m tempted to block this one so that the yarn over design shows up


Another view


Unfortunately I don’t have anything new to show you this week. I’ve had to stop and start a few projects including, Wild as the Wind, where I’ve ripped everything out and changed the yarn and needles. Most of my energy this week has gone into decluttering, again. Yes, again. I seem to do this a couple of times a year. Well, I say that but what I really mean is that I take some things from one room and put them in another. This time I’ve been taking things to the tip and recycling centre instead. I have some bookcases on my landing and they used to have boxes of crap, sorry, I mean vitally important things, in front of them. They don’t anymore. This has brought the added benefit of my no longer having to do contortions in order to switch off the landing light. This is good.

My plan is to finish off the reorganising before my birthday on Saturday. I have next week off and hope to make another dress, watch a few fillums and possibly do a bit of cooking or baking. ๐Ÿ™‚


Oh and my friend Shea Wong has an article in the Huffington Post today.




Derby Mini Maker Faire

Sunday, Doug and I decided to go to the Mini Maker Faire in Derby. It was held in the Derby Silk Mill which was built on the site of the world’s first factory.

There was some stunning yarn bombing outside the Silk Mill.

Yarn bombing


It was so pretty! It was such a shame that it was pouring with rain and it was a bit soggy

Beautiful Lady Bird yarn bombing


Some of the other things that caught my eye inside –

Stag Beetle Violin Case by Jake How


crochet set in glass by Anna Krystyna Casey

I loved this cardboard box robot

I especially liked his eyes. Would love to make one sometime.

There was also a Dalek patroling the Faire



he had a human to help steer him around the mill. Perhaps it was a roboman? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Blurry shot of big Scaletrix track by Derby H:O Racing Club

I also had a chat with the creator of a site called Pics to Knits – wish I’d got his name since it’s not on his site. But Pics to Knits is a free website that allows you to upload any image and turn it into a knitting pattern for dk or 4 ply yarns. Basically you upload an image file and it removes some of the details to make it easier to knit. You can set it to 4 colours up to 32 colours and get a pdf of the final stocking stitch pattern. Check it out, it’s a great idea and very generous of them to make it available free of charge.

Really enjoyed the Maker Faire and hope to go to another soon. I particularly love the message that it doesn’t matter what methods we use to create, be it a soldering iron or a crochet hook, we’re all makers.

Thanks for the lovely messages following my shingles attack. I’m now on the mend and feeling a lot better although I’m still taking pain killers.

Project wise I’ve finished off Edinburgh Rock, although have yet to photograph it, and have yet another Leethal knit on the needles, Wild is the Wind, in addtion to her Twitter Mystery pattern plus Woolley Wormhead’s Meret, too. Lots of smaller projects because I seem to have more luck with them than larger ones at the moment.

I’ve not knit any socks for a while but there’s a new online kniting magazine called The Sock Report dedicated to all things sock yarn related. I haven’t looked through the whole mag yet but so far I love Chris deLongpre’s Pocket Pals – cute woodland creatures knit from sock yarn. Fans of Rachael Herron’s Cypress Hollow novels should definately check it out because Rachel’s put up a free short story there called Socks for Alex.