More knitting…

There’s been some more knitting…

Minisweater 2

And a bit of a closeup.


Not the greatest of pics but my iPhone serves me well sometimes.

I think I’m on about row 10 now. I did some more work on it at lunch but haven’t done a row count since before then. Think I’m getting close to the point of dividing it into back, fronts and sleeves. How exciting 🙂

As always, my mind is jumping ahead to the next project. I have a plethora of unfinished projects and I came across a few of them the other night when I was looking for yarn. So, I could turn to one of those next. Hmmmm but there’s also the gorgeous Art Fibers Kyoto in Orchid, a lovely,  luminous purple silk and kid mohair mix which would look fab as a fitted cardi.

I realised that Emma has yet to make her debut on the blog, so here she is….

Emma stool

Look at those big eyes!

That pic is a couple of months old so she’s bigger now. I had her as kitten from a friend who thought she was a boy. I’d always wanted to name a black cat Oscar so when I realised she was female it took a while to come with a name for her. She’s actually the only female cat I’ve ever had. She was named Emma after Emma Peel of The Avengers. She’s very tenacious but also very cute. 🙂 She likes yarn too much though. She enjoys playing with it!

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