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Almost at halfway point…

I did wonder if I might finish the mini sweater over the weekend but that was a bit over ambitious. I’m sure I could have if I hadn’t been doing other things as well, sleeping etc.
As it happens I was nearing the stage when you take it off the needles and on to scrap yarn and try it on when I noticed a problem. A dropped edge stitch.

Now I can fix dropped stitches no problem but this one was pesky so I ended up frogging three rows so that I could fix it properly. Everything else I did to it just looked weird.
When I got to the fitting phase I hoped that I wouldn’t have to do too much but I need to add a few rows.

I really want to finish this soon. I also think I’ll need some extra yarn since I’ve nearly used one skein and only have one more left. So I’ll have to think of what I have to edge it.
I wound the second skein into a ball on Saturday and it was so lovely to use my umbrella swift again. I just need to locate the clamp that goes with my yarn winder. I had to wind the yarn three times before I had decent ball rather than a weird UFO shaped one…

Oh, and while I was knitting today, Doug was busy sewing a dress for me at his sewing machine. He reckons that this is a pretty unusual situation amongst couples and I think he’s probably right. What do you think?

Almost at halfway point...


  1. Elly says:

    I think you are so FREAKING LUCKY to have a bloke that does fibre crafts!

  2. almost witty says:

    He sews? and solders? Wow. A true Renaissance man.

  3. Leslie says:

    So pleased to see you back blogging! I enjoyed your podcasts in the past and had added your blog to my RSS reader. Hope you are enjoying the knitting.