Tired but Happy!

Tonight’s Stitch & Bitch was great! I met up with Elizabeth who was visiting from New Mexico, earlier in the day and we had a great time. She’d made contact with me via the Knitter’s Review Forums. You never know quite how these meetings with people you’ve met online are going to go, but we had a blast! We went to David Morgan and bought yarn – always a good idea! After that we caught a bus to Cardiff Bay, after searching for the stop for ages!, and had a look at the fibre art on display at Craft in the Bay. Then it was time to head back into town where we met up with Andy for dinner.

Later in the evening Andy and I picked Elizabeth up and took her to A Shot in the Dark for a Stitch and Bitch being held in her honour! It was a great night! One of the best S&B’s we’ve had. We also had a new knitter Stef from Germany who was making an incredible sweater from her own design. Carmen was there as well and had finished the scarf she was working on last week. Emma, Martha and of course Jeni were there too! Jeni even brought a camera along to document the event. Jeni also brought her beautiful Hello Yarn socks along!

All in all it was a really good evening!

One Reply to “Tired but Happy!”

  1. Marie,
    Thanks so very much for the great introduction to Cardiff and its knitting society! I wish I could attend every session of your Stitch ‘n Bitch–a romping good time.