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Busy, Busy, Busy

The last few weeks have been all about cleaning, tidying up and sewing. Andy turned 40 last Monday so the weekend just before that we went out with some of his friends for a meal at the Japanese noodle bar. Three of his friends were staying with us hence the tidy up!

His frock coat turned out to be a bit more difficult to sew than I thought it would be. It’s now about 99.5% finished but something went wrong with my sewing machine the other week – it started to try and eat the coat! – so it’s temporarily on hiatus until I fix things.

In the meantime I’ve been stuck on Sleeve Island. I’m going to make Klaralund at some point but decided to finish off my Silk garden top down raglan before that. My aim is to get the sleeves done before I finish the body of the cardigan. Then I’ll be able to see just how much yarn I have left for the body. The sleeves do seem a bit large. When I next make a top-down raglan I’ll start my sleeve decreases a bit earlier. I have some Colinette Skye in Fire which is going to become a v-neck td raglan. I’m thinking of finishing it with a black eyelash trim.

In other news I’ve begun obsessing with the idea of owning a yarn store. Yes, it’s a common knitters’ dream and who knows if it would ever become a reality. The only thing is that next year Cardiff loses its primary yarn supplier. Once David Morgan closes down there will be no local place to get good yarn like Rowan. The only alternatives will be a couple of hours away in Swansea (Mrs Mac’s) or Bristol (John Lewis). Or Carmarthen if you go to ColourWay.

Ah well, not long now until The Knitting and Stitching Show in London plus the annual trip to San Francisco next month!

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  1. hetty says:

    good to hear from you! 🙂
    i think it’s FATE that that yarn shop is closing, especially with you and jeni so desperate to own one. DO SOMETHING!!!! 🙂