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Yarns and good news!

I heard via Danielle’s blog that ArtFibers in San Francisco had put one of their yarns – Chaucer – on Sale. So I decided to take advantage of the low dollar and order some yarn for a fluffy angora scarf! Of course after looking at the yarn goodies on the site I opted for yarn which wasn’t on sale!

I’ve ordered two balls of Oz in Harvest and a ball of Cartier in Camelot to be combined with two balls of Nemo in a co-ordinating colour to make a scarf. I’ve asked them to pick out a co-ordinating colour in either reddish shades or green. I couldn’t tell clearly from the pictures on the website which would co-ordinate best.

I’m also hoping to have a bit of Gypsy to try – they offer a 5 yard sample service but only in the USA. I think they should be able to just pop it in my order though. I like the idea of a sweater in it but wonder how well it would wear. I visit the shop during our annual pilgrimages… sorry…holidays to San Francisco and always buy a sweaters worth of yarn! They sell some amazing yarns which aren’t available elsewhere. Some think they’re expensive but I really like the unusualness of their yarns.

Andy update – Andy checked again with the bank and it turns out that if you don’t take your money from the cashpoint within 30 seconds of it being dispensed the machine takes it back. So Andy didn’t loose his money after all! Excellent!

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  1. Becky says:

    Scarf is going to look great in those yarns!