I love getting packages. Just this week I’ve had yarn from Martina in Germany, my Colinette that I ordered back in early December, some Lopi and Mission Falls pattern books from Yarn Forward, and some handpainted yarn from Silkwood.

I’ve also finished the Regia stripe socks and a scarf from some Brazilia Fantasy Color from my order with Martina. Brazilia is an eyelash yarn and the Fantasy Color is a striped variation of it. It knits up very quickly and because the central core of the yarn is a bit thicker than most eyelash it has a good amount of body to it. It’s also incredibly soft. Sadly this yarn is now out of stock cross Germany as it has proved to be too popular! I have four different colours in my stash but hope that the others I ordered come back into stock soon as these will make great scarf gifts.

I’m also knitting a sock in Trekking. It’s a tweedy yarn and has a sort of handwoven quality to it when it’s knit up. I really like it. Pix tomorrow, but the reason I started these socks is because the yarn matches a shirt that I like. Usually when I wear this particular shirt with trousers I match it with a pair of Opal Royal purple/blue socks. They’re not quite the right colour but when they’re in my Doc Marten shoes you can’t really see much of them. The new socks will co-ordinate better. Once they’re out of the way I may start a pair of gift socks for my friend Anne who doesn’t read this blog. I’m going to knit them from some sport weight yarn in blue shades hand dyed by Lynn H.

Still Reading The Time Traveller’s Wife. It’s such an engrossing book. The only time that I think about reading though, is when I go to bed. As a result I’ve many late nights because I just can’t stop reading it! It is a truly wonderful book.

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  1. Stumbled on your blog (through the Keyboard Biologist’s) and just wanted to say Hi. And also mention that The Time Travelers Wife is one of my favorite books (and one I plan to include in my list of nominees for the Hugos)of the past year. I found it almost painfully beautiful.

  2. Wow! That is some nice haul from the post. I’m particularly intrigued by the Colinette…what are your plans for that one?

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