Some books that I’d ordered from Amazon out of Xmas money arrived today. I’ll try and include links to them tomorrow. Feeling a bit tired right now.

45 Fine and Fanciful Hats to Knit by Anna Zilboorg – the hats in here are fabulous. I may try a plain version of her beret first before having a go at colour knitting.

Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick – I’ve heard many good things about this book and the flower washcloths have been a hit on the net. I’ve some multi-coloured cotton in my stash that I plan to use for one of the flower cloths. The books is full of knitting quotes and intriguing bits of info. I also love the little sweater egg cozys! 🙂

Knitting in America by Melanie Falick – This is one of those large coffee table knitting books. I’ve only looked at a few pages but have enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. This looks like a great book with some interesting designer profiles and patterns.

Felted Knits by Beverley Galeskas – I haven’t really had a good look at this one but, as with Weekend Knits, it’s had good reviews and I hope to learn more about felting from it.

Vogue Knitting on the Go – Scarves Two edited by Trisha Malcolm – many of the scarves are easy but they look quite interesting. I like this book a lot better than some of the others in the “On the Go” series.

The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger – I actually heard about this on a knitting blog and read an extract over at I really like Niffenegger’s writing style and the idea of a woman whose husband suffers from a disorder which causes him to involuntarily travel through time is an interesting one. Although the novel is a love story, not really science fiction.

Knitting – The Regia sock is almost ready to be cast off and I’ve started a Broad Street Mitten from some Koigu. I’m knitting it on 2.5mm needles. Andy’s gloves are almost done, just need to sew in the ends and block them.

4 Replies to “Books…”

  1. Oooh! Nice book haul! The Zilboorg book and Weekend Knitting and Knitting in America are all on my wish list. I have and like the Bev Galeskas book.
    The reverse bloom cloths are fun to make and take almost no time at all.

  2. I love the Weekend Knitting book – I went through it and sticky-noted all the patterns I wanted to try. I think I have neon green stickies on almost every page, LOL!
    Enjoy your books – my mom got me that one and three others for Christmas. Nothing better than getting gifts toward your passion/addiction, right?