Knitting in Vogue

The winter 2003/04 issue of Vogue Knitting arrived in the post today. I had been eagerly awaiting it since I read Rob’s review of the scarf patterns. They’re not all “cast on X stitches, knit every row until you run of yarn” patterns, there are some nice ones in there.

I’ve only had a flick through so far but have fallen in love with “Back-Street Blues”. Nice fitted cardi with fringey trimmed sleeves. Who knew it was knitted from Colinette?! Excellent! I may have to add some Prism and Tagliatelli to my Colinette order to make this now!

Muppet scarf – I do love those frivolous eyelash scarves. I only have the Online Linie one and a Fluff one so far though. Once I have a hoard of them I’ll probably be sick of them! 🙂

In case anyone wanted the pattern, such as there is one. The Muppet Scarf took one 50g ball of Online Linie 85 knitted on size 5mm needles. I just cast on 20 stitches and kept knitting until a few yards remained. Cast off loosely. I used bamboo needles as they grip the slippery eyelash yarn better. It goes without saying that you can use any kind of eyelash yarn for these scarves.

I saw one today made from a combination of a soft chenille or soft wool yarn with an eyelash yarn. You alternated the two yarns every two rows. It was made by a woman called Sarah who lives in South Africa. She said that it produced a very drapey scarf. Sounds a bit like Knitty’s Rock Star Scarf but using the yarns over fewer rows.

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